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We can handle a wide range of different technologies and industries. The ability to be able to contract for particular work items makes it easier for your projects where you may not be able to justify a full time position or may not have longer term work. ALFWare has flexible agreements whereby work items can be distributed across time as you need it.

Distance is not problem, ALFWare although based in Far North Queensland has remotely worked on Projects in Melbourne, Perth and Houston, TX. We are located near an international airport and is available for short term placement work.

The changes look fantastic! ... Thank you again for your quality work! It’s always a pleasure working with you.

Remote Development Contract Work for large US Oil and Gas Company
When this company was looking for someone to assist with their internal WinForms software which used the DevExpress Component suite, they located ALFWare through the DevExpress MVP program. After engaging ALFWare, issues being experienced with their integration to a new system were resolve promptly and below budget. Due to the ease of dealing with ALFWare, several other scope of works were provided and again resolved promptly and below budget.

My Scout Region does up a printed calendar every year based on inputs from their GSuite Google Calendar. I was asked if I could look after it and naturally, I thought this would be an interesting exe ...

I used Umbraco back in 2011 to market the commercial software I solely developed. the main reason I chose it was due to the flexibility of being able to customise and integrate just about anything. Ba ...

.NET C# & VB

Microsoft Technologies

Skills in .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.5, 4.6 and .NET Standard 1.2 (PCL), Xamarin Android. Advanced skills in WinForms with Multi-Threading and WCF/HTTP services. Experience in ASP.NET MVC4/5 and SignalR.

DevExpress MVP

DevExpress MVP

The best .NET component suite available on the market. Have used DevExpress .NET components and productivity tools since 2006. Was welcomed into the DevExpress DX Squad in 2009 for contributions to the community through their public forums and WinForms/XPO blog posts. This was later renamed as DevExpress MVP (Most Valued Professional).



Experience in Access (VBA and Jet OLEDB), MS SQL (T-SQL), MySQL and PostgreSQL. Experience with Stored Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, Joins and Unions. 


GIS & Mapping

In depth understanding of Geodetic and Project co-ordinate systems, having written converters for AGD66/84 to GDA94 and associated map grid projections using translation grids. Exposure to Python scripting in ESRI and use of Toolboxes. Cartographic and Analyst experience with ArcMap. Datamine Studio 3 macros, resource modelling, drill plotting and open pit optimisations using NVPS.

Michael Portrait

When Experience Counts

Michael Proctor of ALFWare has years of experience in Software Development/Engineering, IT Management and Mining Project Development.

Rising to the challenge, Michael has held various positions and roles and handles the dynamic nature of business whilst achieving the project requirements. Exposure to various industries has provided a better insight into business requirements whether it be; agriculture, mining, IT&T, hospitality, retail or real estate.