WinForms Business Management System

BMS initially was an Access Database which was migrated to a .NET WinForms platform, to know more about my experience with Access please see the BMS (Access) item.


  • Client/Server platform
  • Fast, requires to allow users to work efficently over 3G speeds
  • Scalable, allow for 500+ users
  • Easy to maintain onsite, need client administrators to administer system
  • Reliable, need to ensure data concurrency and recover on transport failure
  • Compatible, able to run across different Windows versions
  • Migratable, need to be able to migrate from existing Access database and allow dual access during transition

Technologies Used

  • Initial Solution 2010
    • 8 VB Projects built compiled to .NET 2.0 Framework
    • WinForms UI extensive use of DevExpress components
    • Windows Service with WinForms UI for Service Administration
    • Integrated Windows Remote Desktop ActiveX for remote access to third party software
    • Integration to third party software via direct link to NexusDB database
    • WCF/SOAP XML with message level security using message level compression
    • DevExpress XPO ORM used to connect to Access database then migrate to MS SQL
  • Current Solution 2016
    • 16 VB Projects, 5 C# Projects compiled¬†to .NET 4.5 Framework
    • Same features as initial solution with the following additions
    • .NET Core WebAPI service for RESTful web calls
    • ASP.NET MVC5 Client
    • Xamarin Android access over REST
    • Using MS SQL 2016 (shrinked database is over 4gb
    • DevExpress XtraReports with End User Designer and role based security access
    • Mapping using GreatMaps and DotSpatial components, looking to migrate to DX XtraMaps
    • Integrated GhostScript PDF processor to compress PDF attachments


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